Oak Harbor: One woman’s journey to overcome her past and claim her future

After successfully creating a new life for her and her daughter, Tabatha Mathiers finds her peaceful world suddenly turned upside down. The past, she tried so hard to escape, has come calling. Now she must make a choice to either come out of hiding or stay quiet about why she came to Oak Harbor in the first place. By chance, Tabatha meets 86-year-old, Ida Parwood who’s wit and wisdom help her find the answers she is looking for.

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51xylhwu11l-1I found this book to be an easy, captivating read. We all have difficulties in life, it is a matter of how we choose to respond to those challenges. There are many nuggets of thought provoking wisdom. The author incorporates a gentle thought towards spirituality. This was refreshing as it didn’t feel like it was being forced. It is a book about love and loss, hope and truth. I loved how the plot went back and forth between time as well as incorporated an elderly wisdom that we all can glean from. – Sharla Sanders – Founder/Director of Momcology Retreats

I LOVE this book! Wonderfully written! – Donna Shepherd

Very good read. It kept me interested. Liked the details in the writing. I would read another book by the author. – Shelia Adams