Your Brave Life

“The whole story is about you. You are the main character.” – don Miguel Ruiz

meditateThank you for sharing your brave life with our readers. Below you will find a series of 12 questions to help me learn more about your experience with bravery or how you are living a brave life.  Understandably, not all the questions will pertain to your story. Please just mark “no answer” in those fields. Please answer as many questions with as much detail as you want to share. If your interview is selected, I may reach out to you for clarification as your story is crafted into a beautiful article to reach out and encourage our readers and subscribers to overcome hardship and tragedy to live their brave life.  Please submit a photo to accompany your story by providing a link to it on the web. Not all interviews submitted will be selected for publication. You will be contacted upon publication of your brave story.

Your Brave Life Interview



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