11th Hour

“I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere.” – Arizona, Gray’s Anatomy, Season 7, Episode 18

Good Golly, Grey’s Anatomy. What an episode.   (warning graphic content)

We waste a lot of time in life. Call it pride or stubbornness.  Waiting for perfect timing or a feeling of readiness. Honestly, we are just afraid. So we linger in fear and hope it will somehow all work out on it’s own without our active participation. We sit on the side lines and watch like spectators in our own life and wonder why it didn’t all work out like we hoped it would. So often we wait until the 11th hour to step up and say what we want to say, do what we want to do and take chances we are afraid to take.

Why do we do that? IMG_3294[1]

I always say; “Don’t say no for someone else. Make them say it to you.” Don’t give them the easy way out by claiming a no before you have even asked. So be brave enough to hear the word no. Be brave enough to ask. Sometimes you get a no but sometimes you get a yes.

Ready is a state of mind. Timing is never perfect. Life is short.

Your Brave Life.



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