Hope In The Storm: 10 Steps To Care For Yourself While Grieving

Give The Gift Of Hope

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hope-in-the-storm-coverWhen you hear that someone you know has lost someone close to them often your first thought is, “How can I help?”  For many, it will be a yummy casserole found in the freezes nicely section of their cookbook and for others it might be stepping up to run errands or take care of household chores for the newly bereaved.  However, there is only so much that needs to be done and only so much room in the freezer. So what else?

This incredibly thoughtful gift book will touch on 10 vital steps to care for yourself while grieving the loss of a loved one.

Beautifully designed it will make a perfect gift to give to yourself or offer to someone who has just experienced a loss with gorgeous images and a thoughtful conversational tone. It does not preach but rather come along side the bereaved to comfort and guild with the heal touch from someone who has been there and is walking the path of life long grief and recovery.

Hope In The Storm – 10 Steps To Care For Yourself While Grieving is an easy short read on purpose and gets right to the points.  As a griever myself, I understand intimately that diving into a 100 page self-help textbook is the last thing the bereaved want to do or probably will do. Tapping into my own experiences with grief, what I have learned through dedicated grief therapy, stories and advice from the multitudes of bereaved parents nationwide that I have met since the death of my youngest son, Tucker, in 2011 to determine the 10 most vital self preservation steps to take when grieving. Through my own grief journey, I have realized that grief will compromise your physical and emotional health which then, in turn, impacts your ability to grieve in a healthy manner that will help prevent deep depression or complicated grief symptoms that often accompany unresolved grief. Continue reading “Give The Gift Of Hope”


Someone shared your story on FB and I am sitting here in tears. Both of sadness and amazement in this little boy. Your amazing son who has led an amazing life. When I read his choice, I was touched. I said to myself, “Who is this boy?” He has taught me in this brief moment how important life is. And in his short life, he knows this. My condolences for losing your little boy. May you forever have his love and memories in your heart. Please know that he has touched my heart and taught a stranger the joy of life. ((HUGS))

Maria Nolan, Gaithersburg, MD

Life, Love, Family and Friends


I found this book to be an easy, captivating read. We all have difficulties in life, it is a matter of how we choose to respond to those challenges. There are many nuggets of thought provoking wisdom. The author incorporates a gentle thought towards spirituality. This was refreshing as it didn’t feel like it was being forced. It is a book about love and loss, hope and truth. I loved how the plot went back and forth between time as well as incorporated an elderly wisdom that we all can glean from.

Sharla Sanders – Founder/Director of Momcology Retreats

Oak Harbor: One woman’s journey to overcome her past and claim her future.